Important COVID-19 Information

In Compliance with the NM Governor's COVID-19 Mandates


Restrictions are as Follows:

Face Covering

Riders maintaining "Social Distancing" to the required 6 feet are not required to wear a face mask covering during the ride. Riders' guests are required to wear face coverings at all time when on the property. Sleigh/Wagon riders must wear masks at all time.

Riders are required to use face coverings while inside the Roadrunner log cabin, using the restroom or when interacting face to face with staff members, whether inside or outside.

Social Distancing

In leaving the corral, the Trail Guide will enforce "Social Distancing". Horses naturally follow one another in a natural 6 to 8 feet "Social Distancing"

Reservations and Payments

Riders will make reservations ahead of time either online or on the phone.


Groups are defined as small group rides with space of humans six feet apart during ride tours including the Trail Guide. Groups will depart the corral in no less than 15 minutes intervals.

No Gathering in Groups for more than 15 minutes prior to your ride

Riders and Guests are asked to arrive at the Road Runner stables not more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. If arriving earlier, Riders and Guests are required to stay in their cars until 15 minutes prior to the scheduled ride. Guests are required to remain in their cars to wait for the Trail Ride to return to the corral. When returning to the stables after a trail ride, Riders and Guests are asked to leave the stables immediately after dismounting their horses. "Social Distancing" is always required on the property.

"Social Distancing" shall be enforced at all times. Reminder to all Riders: Have face coverings handy if you need to go inside the RR cabin, use the restroom or interface with the staff.